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What is Paramotor?

Paramotor flight is considered one of the safest and most exciting forms of modern sport aviation. Having the ability to fly low and slow along with the inherent stability of pendular flight it’s hard to imagine a more thrilling platform for aerial photography and conservation.

Average Flight Time


Average Speed


Max Altitude


Min Altitude


About Paramotor

We fly the best equipment available in the industry. The German designed, manufactured, and certified Xcitor trike paramotor not only excels in safety and performance, but also in durability and noise reduction as required by the DULV-German Sport Aviation Certification. The XCITOR aircraft provides unparalleled performance and reliability and is an incredible platform for aerial photography and wildlife conservation. This aircraft can facilitate access to previously inaccessible areas safely and comfortably. It provides an intimate and spectacular visual perspective of this magnificent landscape.

Aircraft Features

  • 2 comfortable seats
  • High performance Hirth engine (maximum output 50kw)
  • Electronic controlled fuel injection
  • Powerful alternator for heating clothes or electrical devices
  • Electric starter
  • Manual starter
  • Full suspension system
  • Ballistic chute recovery system
  • 2 roll-over bars guarantee maximum protection
  • Special X-Wing EVO designed for safety and performance
  • Lynx headsets with Noise Reduction
  • Intercomm and radio